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Sound Novel Evolution 2 - Kamaitachi no Yoru - Tokubetsuhen

サウンドノベルエボリューション2 かまいたちの夜 特別篇

Relation Kamaitachi no Yoru
TitleSound Novel Evolution 2 - Kamaitachi no Yoru - Tokubetsuhen
Original titleサウンドノベルエボリューション2 かまいたちの夜 特別篇
Language Japanese
Platform PlayStation 1
Medium1 CD
Catalog no.SLPS-01794
LinksOfficial website
*A flowchart was added, which allows the player to jump to past scenes. Coloring allows the player to know which choices were already chosen. For this reason, the chapter selection menu of the SFC edition was removed.
*Vibration function was added.
*Background graphics were made more realistic and clear.
*Character introduction entries were added.
*Live action OP movie was added.
*Two new hidden scenarios Shin'ri no Tantei Monogatari and Chotto Ecchi na Kamaitachi no Yoru were added.
*"Chunsoft Tamuro no In'bou Hen" was significantly revised.
*Conditions for the golden bookmark were changed.
*One ending became a bad ending.

Ported by Astroll.