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Kamaitachi no Yoru - i Appli Edition


Relation Kamaitachi no Yoru
Kamaitachi no Yoru - i Appli Edition
Platform Other (mobile)
MediumInternet download
LinksOfficial website
Mobile port available through the i Appli service for NTT DoCoMo mobile phones.

Port based on the PS1 version.
You need to pay points to unlock each scenario which are now independent from each other, allowing you to start from any scenario you want. Because of that, the golden bookmark was removed, some choices and endings were also cut.
A new scenario without silhouettes was added: Kamaitachi no Yoru - A Novel. It is a short story who was first published inside the official fanbook.
Some scenario's titles were shortened or changed.
The hidden scenario Chotto Ecchi na Kamaitachi no Yoru was removed.