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r23782.62018-01-13 at 15:20beliarChindere ~Osasagenasai Nikubou o~ Trial Editionupdate
r23782.52015-12-07 at 18:37beliarChindere ~Osasagenasai Nikubou o~ Trial Editionwo->o
r23782.42013-01-17 at 15:08xenmorphaChindere ~Osasagenasai Nikubou wo~ Trial EditionChanging from Complete to Trial (Doesn't it say 'Trial Edition?')
r23782.32012-11-10 at 09:35binfujiwaraChindere ~Osasagenasai Nikubou wo~ Trial Editionformat
r23782.22012-11-10 at 09:03binfujiwaraChindere ~Osasagenasai Nikubou wo~ Trial Editionformat
r23782.12012-11-10 at 09:03binfujiwaraChindere ~Osasagenasai Nikubou wo~ Trial Editionadded release You can only download this trial from DLsite, they even posted a link on their updates page to DLsite: 2012.7.03 体験版ダウンロードを開始しました。