Edit history of D.P.S. SG Set 3

r24172.72021-06-21 at 16:53testerD.P.S. SG Set 3Questionable data of the release engine.
r24172.62021-06-19 at 19:06testerD.P.S. SG Set 3See here.
r24172.52013-04-04 at 16:56abyssalerosD.P.S. SG Set 3more info
r24172.42012-11-26 at 01:51eyelessD.P.S. SG Set 3undelete
r24172.32012-11-26 at 01:51eyelessD.P.S. SG Set 3undelete, fix
r24172.22012-11-26 at 01:34eyelessD.P.S. SG Set 3link. no release for windows
r24172.12012-11-25 at 02:32surferdudeD.P.S. SG Set 3for Windows