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Edit history of Astelight Shuushuubako

r25625.102020-11-21 at 17:59gvbnAstelight Shuushuubakogetchu
r25625.92019-09-13 at 09:24multiAstelight ShuushuubakoAutomatic import of EGS links based on title (prefix) and release date. See t12755.51
r25625.82017-08-27 at 19:02varioAstelight Shuushuubako...
r25625.72014-09-29 at 02:16necrofantasiaAstelight Shuushuubakoformat
r25625.62013-10-13 at 19:13tomasAstelight Shuushuubakosee v13810.1
r25625.52013-07-28 at 21:43tomasAstelight Collection Boxfixed misinformation, still dunno whether this should be listed as a separate VN
r25625.42013-04-01 at 22:10abyssalerosAstelight Collection BoxJan + Cat. Nr. (i think) + medium
r25625.32013-04-01 at 22:07abyssalerosAstelight Collection BoxI think 蒐集箱 should not be in transliteration but in translation here, as it is with most other releases (箱 = Box)
r25625.22013-02-22 at 01:40akisigureAstelight Shuushuubakosite
r25625.12013-02-13 at 21:45tomasAstelight Shuushuubakonew release