Edit history of Dracu-Riot! - All-ages Edition

r26216.212020-05-08 at 04:11chueeDracu-Riot! - All-ages EditionSekai project is not publishing this
r26216.202020-04-25 at 01:10wildbreedDracu-Riot! - All-ages EditionWill be using NN Inhouse unity engine
r26216.192020-01-31 at 02:21eacilDracu-Riot! - All-ages Editionpubl, website, note
r26216.182017-07-03 at 05:24beliarDracu-Riot! - All-ages Editioncorrection
r26216.172017-07-02 at 19:51beliarDracu-Riot!I assume the patch will not be released, since Sekai Project just picked the game. link
r26216.162016-11-11 at 11:28dk382Dracu-Riot!capitalization fix
r26216.152016-11-11 at 06:18dk382Dracu-riot!Since this release is superseded anyway, it's easier to just change this in order to turn things back to how they should be.
r26216.142016-04-02 at 13:08anonymousDracu-riot!add to note.
r26216.132016-04-02 at 05:52dk382Dracu-riot!modified patch link made redundant, was added to the patch release page.
r26216.122016-04-02 at 05:23dk382Dracu-riot!modified patch
r26216.112016-04-02 at 03:29dk382Dracu-riot!whoops, date fix
r26216.102016-04-02 at 03:28dk382Dracu-riot!It happened.
r26216.92015-10-15 at 14:34aexisDracu-riot!Dead Link, replaced it with another one
r26216.82014-08-17 at 09:12insanityyDracu-riot!No longer any need for the wayback link.
r26216.72014-06-28 at 21:26insanityyDracu-riot!Changed link to wayback link, since original is not working.
r26216.62013-09-10 at 13:01ellurionDracu-riot!shirley-warwick read blog post before you edit
r26216.52013-09-10 at 06:22shirley-warwickDracu-riot!added two other routes that was translated but not added in description
r26216.42013-09-09 at 14:04warfokiDracu-riot!more info
r26216.32013-09-09 at 13:43arbitraryDracu-riot!Edited to reflect what the patch actually contains + updated the site to link to the patch post
r26216.22013-08-09 at 18:55herbalnekoteaDracu-riot!Updated the note from 29th march to 9 august.
r26216.12013-03-29 at 03:35ellixer2407Dracu-riot!link