Edit history of Sengoku Rance

r2641.122014-11-26 at 21:49beliarSengoku RanceWaybacked link, download link, removed notes that are already included in the readme.
r2641.112012-10-06 at 20:03nikSengoku RanceOld site dead.
r2641.102009-10-10 at 12:57enzeroxSengoku Ranceupdated info
r2641.92009-09-07 at 10:28lightSengoku RanceUpdate
r2641.82009-09-04 at 16:27lightSengoku Ranceedit date
r2641.72009-09-04 at 16:23lightSengoku Ranceupdate translation progress
r2641.62009-06-08 at 14:53serialiesSengoku Ranceupdatan...
r2641.52009-06-07 at 08:59multiSengoku RanceAutomated edit with the update to VNDB 2.4. This release is a patch, freeware flag is assumed Feel free to revert if this assumption happens to be
r2641.42009-03-31 at 15:09winki-tyanSengoku RanceStatus update
r2641.32009-01-06 at 10:11echomateriaSengoku RanceTranslation group added.
r2641.22009-01-06 at 09:43maccasvenneSengoku RanceHmm, thought I choose english from the drop-down... strange...
r2641.12009-01-06 at 09:42maccasvenneSengoku Rancelink