Edit history of Kanon - Standard Edition

r274.132019-07-15 at 21:19zakashiKanon - Standard EditionFont: link
r274.122011-04-22 at 05:32immlffKanon - Standard Editionsee link & link & link "en.wik is wrong and/or inaccurate when it comes to VNs, don't use it while editing vndb"
r274.112011-04-21 at 12:34minhhuywikiKanon - Standard Editionper Wikipedia
r274.102010-08-26 at 07:19tjmKanon - Standard EditionNone of the PC versions of Kanon are voiced as released; voices can only be added by using a third-party patch.
r274.92010-08-26 at 07:03bakanekoKanon - Standard EditionIt states that the game is not voiced but the Standard Edition of Kanon is voiced through the game except for the eroge scenes. Thank you
r274.82010-06-22 at 16:12chikanKanon - Standard EditionNot voiced, though there are unofficial voice patches
r274.72009-07-23 at 13:30immlffKanon - Standard Editionoriginal title is 'Kanon Standard Edition'(source link) and it's decided to use '-' as separator if original title hasn't it
r274.62009-07-20 at 15:16vdzKanon ~Standard Edition~Sugoi monogatari aniki, but Standard Edition Kanon is voiced. I had to rename the voice folder to disable the voices.
r274.52009-07-20 at 15:07unknownKanon ~Standard Edition~Added format information. Changed Title to original title and removed Original title, as the title is already in romaji.
r274.42008-06-21 at 14:43multiKanon - Standard Edition(automated edit caused by VNDB upgrade to 1.17) Moving JAN code from notes to GTIN field.
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r274.22008-03-16 at 14:39maccasvenneKanon - Standard Edition
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