Edit history of Sepia Tears

r32023.122019-07-15 at 10:45multiSepia TearsAutomatic conversion of the "Engine" visual novel tag.
r32023.112014-03-19 at 08:47anonymousSepia Tearsplat
r32023.102014-03-19 at 08:20yorhelSepia TearsThat's clear from the release date.
r32023.92014-03-19 at 08:11kosti-kalarsSepia TearsJust a correction.
r32023.82014-03-19 at 08:08kosti-kalarsSepia TearsRelease!
r32023.72014-03-03 at 19:28kosti-kalarsSepia TearsI changed the status.
r32023.62014-02-20 at 12:52anonymousSepia Tears...
r32023.52014-02-04 at 18:51kosti-kalarsSepia TearsI changed progress.
r32023.42014-01-23 at 18:41yorhelSepia TearsProducer deleted
r32023.32014-01-22 at 01:05eyelessSepia Tearsnot that number
r32023.22014-01-21 at 12:06kosti-kalarsSepia TearsChanged the age limit.
r32023.12014-01-21 at 12:05kosti-kalarsSepia TearsBegan translating Sepia Tars.