Edit history of Witch's Garden

r33179.332019-06-16 at 02:05dk382Witch's Gardendead link
r33179.322019-06-13 at 20:49dk382Witch's GardenReverted to revision r33179.29 1) The translation has not been by Luna Translations for a while. That group splintered and is dead now. Nothing
r33179.312019-06-09 at 16:09redrain77Witch's GardenUpdating translation status
r33179.302019-06-09 at 00:24galtosk1Witch's Gardenpublisher
r33179.292018-11-25 at 21:20maroxWitch's GardenUpdate progress
r33179.282018-06-22 at 10:45dk382Witch's GardenLuna Translation has been defunct for well over a year now. None of the remaining projects are under that label anymore.
r33179.272018-06-18 at 22:327saeniWitch's GardenUpdated TL progress. (Date according to last progress entry) Numbers seem to fluctuate...
r33179.262018-01-25 at 03:11randodrewWitch's Gardenupdating translation status
r33179.252017-06-04 at 14:27vol-k-e-rWitch's Gardentl
r33179.242017-05-12 at 14:35vol-k-e-rWitch's Gardentl progress
r33179.232016-12-13 at 09:59porygon2Witch's GardenAdd producer information
r33179.222016-09-24 at 07:05yautjaWitch's GardenLuna translations has taken over the project, thus I redirected the link to their wordpress.
r33179.212015-12-27 at 18:54maroxWitch's GardenUpdated translation progress
r33179.202015-12-06 at 19:13maroxWitch's GardenUpdated translation progress
r33179.192015-09-21 at 15:31sebastianWitch's GardenProgress up!
r33179.182015-08-08 at 18:48roglaWitch's Gardenprogress up
r33179.172015-07-31 at 06:48dk382Witch's GardenReverted to revision r33179.15 That isn't how WIP patches are handled. This release entry is for the theoretical future release of the complete
r33179.162015-07-31 at 06:40roglaWitch's Gardenthe patch isnt completed yet
r33179.152015-06-20 at 10:47sebastianWitch's GardenProgress up!
r33179.142015-05-30 at 15:40traumatizerWitch's Gardencurrent progress
r33179.132015-05-20 at 02:15corr0s1veWitch's GardenUpdated progress.
r33179.122015-01-01 at 00:37awhWitch's Gardengrammar
r33179.112014-12-31 at 20:54sebastianWitch's GardenProgress up.
r33179.102014-12-10 at 20:36ferustachiWitch's GardenUpdated progress.
r33179.92014-11-17 at 15:50adamycls99Witch's GardenUpdated TL status. Fixed link (reason: site moved)
r33179.82014-10-01 at 15:59awhWitch's Gardenupdate tl progress
r33179.72014-09-01 at 19:41awhWitch's Gardenupdate TL %s
r33179.62014-08-08 at 22:53awhWitch's Gardenupdate progress %
r33179.52014-07-06 at 18:03dk382Witch's Gardenprogress
r33179.42014-06-30 at 11:53insanityyWitch's Gardennotes
r33179.32014-03-31 at 01:26eyelessWitch's Gardenno original title
r33179.22014-03-29 at 22:31dk382Witch's GardenPatch is free of course.
r33179.12014-03-29 at 07:21dk382Witch's GardenPatch was announced a few weeks ago and has been making progress.