Edit history of D.P.S.

r33653.82021-06-19 at 17:32testerD.P.S.System 1 by another classification.
r33653.72021-06-19 at 17:13testerD.P.S.Elder versions.
r33653.62021-05-05 at 08:08multiD.P.S.Automatic import of EGS links, see t12755.108
r33653.52019-07-14 at 16:24lucumoD.P.S.Not the official website of this release.
r33653.42015-05-14 at 14:24Jazz957D.P.S.Removed other
r33653.32015-05-14 at 14:24Jazz957D.P.S.Added platform
r33653.22014-04-27 at 03:37eyelessD.P.S.r24175 is freeware
r33653.12014-04-25 at 10:23slv76D.P.S.New release based on r17628.3