Edit history of Prostudent G

r33668.92021-06-21 at 19:20testerProstudent GTo differentiate from 3.X.
r33668.82021-06-19 at 19:13testerProstudent GSee here.
r33668.72019-08-08 at 19:10ShinnewProstudent GJAN, catalog number. link
r33668.62019-07-15 at 06:47lucumoProstudent GNot the official website of this release.
r33668.52015-08-12 at 10:03IlecaProstudent Gmore precise date at link
r33668.42015-05-11 at 19:57IlecaProstudent Gplatform fixed
r33668.32014-04-28 at 01:41eyelessProstudent Gr26335 is freeware
r33668.22014-04-25 at 14:52slv76Prostudent GFormat
r33668.12014-04-25 at 14:19slv76Prostudent GNew release based on r33667.1