Edit history of Ayumi-chan Monogatari

r33670.102021-06-21 at 19:14testerAyumi-chan MonogatariTo differentiate from 3.X.
r33670.92021-06-19 at 17:44testerAyumi-chan MonogatariAliceSoft System3.0. It's quite different from other AliceSoft System3.X, so it'll better be different engine. It's closer to AliceSoft System2 or 1
r33670.82021-05-05 at 08:08multiAyumi-chan MonogatariAutomatic import of EGS links, see t12755.108
r33670.72019-08-08 at 19:11ShinnewAyumi-chan MonogatariJAN, catalog number, date. link
r33670.62019-07-15 at 06:55lucumoAyumi-chan MonogatariNot the official website of this release.
r33670.52015-05-11 at 13:08beliarAyumi-chan Monogatarino note
r33670.42015-05-11 at 11:53drjonesAyumi-chan MonogatariAdded platform
r33670.32014-04-28 at 01:42eyelessAyumi-chan Monogatarir26336 is freeware
r33670.22014-04-25 at 14:49slv76Ayumi-chan MonogatariFormat
r33670.12014-04-25 at 14:47slv76Ayumi-chan MonogatariNew release based on r17442.3