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r33864.122015-04-07 at 08:47dk382Magical Marriage Lunatics!!Reverted to revision r33864.10 link
r33864.112015-04-07 at 08:43traumatizerMagical Marriage Lunatics!!fixed the percents /according to the latest fuwanovel update
r33864.102015-04-01 at 01:47dk382Magical Marriage Lunatics!!updated progress
r33864.92014-07-02 at 21:13tokitaMagical Marriage Lunatics!!Take notes.
r33864.82014-06-29 at 22:27insanityyMagical Marriage Lunatics!!progress
r33864.72014-05-27 at 16:32insanityyMagical Marriage Lunatics!!Platform.
r33864.62014-05-18 at 03:31dk382Magical Marriage Lunatics!!And please maintain the proper title.
r33864.52014-05-18 at 03:24dk382Magical Marriage Lunatics!! EnglishPatches in progress should be marked as complete, as they intend to release a complete version some day.
r33864.42014-05-14 at 04:52kimanorMagical Marriage Lunatics!! EnglishCurrently being translated/edited.
r33864.32014-05-14 at 04:51kimanorMagical Marriage Lunatics!! EnglishCurrently translating/editing.
r33864.22014-05-08 at 04:18kimanorMagical Marriage Lunatics!! EnglishRelease is making good progress, though it is slowed due to a lack of hackers as well as a need for more active translators. Release date is
r33864.12014-05-03 at 04:20kimanorMagical Marriage Lunatics!! EnglishTo be released by a translation group.