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r34972.212019-08-21 at 07:42multiThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionAutomatic conversion of website to Steam AppID.
r34972.202019-08-01 at 09:06trickzzterThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionCatSystem2
r34972.192018-12-01 at 10:30beliarThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam Editionrights have been transferred to Frontwing
r34972.182017-12-19 at 12:47demluneThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam Editionno additional content
r34972.172017-09-03 at 23:25dk382The Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionReverted to revision r34972.15 The game may support 1280x720, but its native resolution is 1024x576.
r34972.162017-09-03 at 11:14ac728The Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionThe resolution is 1280x720
r34972.152016-07-25 at 08:45dk382The Fruit of Grisaia - Steam Editionbased on the fan patch
r34972.142015-10-18 at 14:57magicflierThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionPSP version
r34972.132015-06-18 at 10:30necrofantasiaThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam Editionformat
r34972.122015-05-26 at 18:06aexisThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionSteam Website
r34972.112015-05-14 at 18:19aexisThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionTL wiki has nothing to do with this release
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r34972.92015-05-14 at 18:15aexisThe Fruit of Grisaia - Steam EditionSteam Name and Release Date
r34972.82015-03-22 at 05:09aexisGrisaia no Kajitsu - Steam EditionRelease Date
r34972.72015-02-02 at 07:30ilovepieGrisaia no Kajitsu - Steam Editionchanged name to Steam Edition to reflect it's being released on steam
r34972.62015-02-01 at 06:51aexisGrisaia no Kajitsu - Download EditionSame as Vita
r34972.52014-12-18 at 08:13beliarGrisaia no Kajitsu - Download EditionMarked as download edition.
r34972.42014-07-04 at 07:31beliarGrisaia no Kajitsuno orig title
r34972.32014-07-04 at 02:18moogyGrisaia no Kajitsupublishers
r34972.22014-07-04 at 01:17mogulsGrisaia no KajitsuFix
r34972.12014-07-04 at 01:17mogulsGrisaia no KajitsuSekai Project official localization