Edit history of euphoria - Download Edition

r35703.132019-09-19 at 14:45beastman95euphoria - Download EditionUpdated engine info to "YU-RIS"
r35703.122019-08-21 at 07:42multieuphoria - Download EditionAutomatic conversion of affiliate link to MangaGamer link.
r35703.112018-06-09 at 15:36jsbeuphoria - Download EditionUncenored
r35703.102016-05-21 at 09:12beliareuphoria - Download Editionupdated title
r35703.92015-12-23 at 08:11aexiseuphoriaCorrection
r35703.82015-10-20 at 08:45venomg3euphoriaquick edit to note
r35703.72015-10-20 at 08:16dk382euphoriamoving site to the website field.
r35703.62015-10-20 at 06:29asakieuphoriaNot my cup of tea, but the op is very good I must said, with violin that almost remind me of Yoko Shimomura soundtrack imo.
r35703.52015-05-25 at 05:59aexiseuphoriaEstimated Release date
r35703.42015-01-29 at 09:57insanityyeuphoriaSet to be released this summer.
r35703.32014-08-09 at 08:15beliareuphoriavarious fixes
r35703.22014-08-09 at 05:25teirachaneuphoriaadded company
r35703.12014-08-09 at 04:50neebleseuphoriaMangaGamer announced that they licensed this visual novel at their latest convention appearance.