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H2O √ after and another Complete story Edition

√ after and another
TitleH2O √ after and another Complete story Edition
Language Japanese
Platform Windows
Medium1 DVD
VoicedPartially voiced
Story scenes
Sprites not animated
CGs not animated
Erotic scenes
Sprites not animated
CGs not animated
No background effects
No facial animations
Age rating18+
Erotic contentContains erotic scenes with optical censoring
LinksOfficial website, ErogameScape, Getchu
Contains the story content from both H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ and √ after and another combined into one game.

Detailed information on what each game actually contains since it isn't obvious.

Original H2O release contained: Hayami, Hinata and Otoha routes as well as their respective after stories (はやみの友達, 雪の振る道, 魔法少女マジカルひなた). Also a staff corner which includes 3 nonsense omake scenarios with nothing to do with the game at all.

Original Root after and another contained: Hayami and Hinata routes, with completely new after stories (Hayami: FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND, 思い出の果てに, Hinata: レインボー). New routes are for Yui and Hamaji/Yukiji, which unlock the after stories 命の共有 and 夏草 (Maki's route). In the extras section there is a new after story for Otoha which includes blackjack and poker mini-games as well as H-scenes for multiple characters including Hamaji.
(For people interested, the Hamaji/Yukiji route is the one which is related to Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-).

H2O √ after and another Complete story Edition (this release): Contains everything mentioned above in the same game with better organizing with the exceptions of the staff corner in H2O and Otoha's after story from Root after and another.