Edit history of Ayumi-chan Monogatari

r3757.52021-06-21 at 16:54testerAyumi-chan MonogatariQuestionable data of the release engine.
r3757.42021-06-19 at 17:45testerAyumi-chan MonogatariAliceSoft System3.0. It's quite different from other AliceSoft System3.X, so it'll better be different engine. It's closer to AliceSoft System2 or 1
r3757.32014-11-14 at 10:21necrofantasiaAyumi-chan Monogatariformat
r3757.22013-04-04 at 17:58abyssalerosAyumi-chan Monogataridate fix Getchu & Wiki
r3757.12009-06-05 at 12:36eyelessAyumi-chan Monogatariadded release. getchu link