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NotesInclude the tral chapter from [url=/r3815]Sakura Version[/url].Include the trial chapter from [url=/r3815]Sakura Version[/url].

Sakura Sakura - Trial Edition Nanako Version

さくらさくら 体験版 菜々子バージョン

RelationSakura Sakura
TitleSakura Sakura - Trial Edition Nanako Version
Original titleさくらさくら 体験版 菜々子バージョン
Type  Trial
Language  Japanese
PublicationFreeware, commercial
Platform  Windows
MediumInternet download
Age rating18+
CensoringMay include optical censoring (e.g. mosaics)
PublisherHiqo Soft
LinksOfficial website

Include the trial chapter from Sakura Version.