Edit history of Blind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package Edition

r38259.82016-03-06 at 05:24nutellafanBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package EditionAccording to the official website, the package edition was released in December.
r38259.72016-02-27 at 12:16nutellafanBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package EditionEnded up getting delayed.
r38259.62015-12-29 at 01:53kaysteBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package EditionReplaced URL
r38259.52015-12-12 at 16:01frogstatBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package Editionadded a more specific release date from the official website
r38259.42015-06-22 at 13:33nutellafanBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package Editionadded details.
r38259.32015-03-10 at 05:01nutellafanBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package EditionEdited to package edition. Set for Summer 2015 release.
r38259.22015-01-27 at 12:36nutellafanBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~Added age rating.
r38259.12015-01-27 at 12:34nutellafanBlind Prism ~Melty Snow~Added release.