Edit history of Shiny Days - Download Edition

r39989.122019-08-24 at 19:31beliarShiny Days - Download Editionlinks
r39989.112015-10-10 at 19:48beliarShiny Days - Download Editioncrash patch
r39989.102015-09-26 at 17:34jazz957Shiny Days - Download EditionReverted to revision r39989.8 Definitely already released, I've seen plenty of people already get their download codes, and who have downloaded it
r39989.92015-09-26 at 17:18motar79Shiny Days - Download EditionStill not released) Looks like site info is true after all.
r39989.82015-09-24 at 09:09jack90Shiny Days - Download EditionBlog say the game released tomorrow. jast site isn't updated
r39989.72015-09-24 at 05:03motar79Shiny Days - Download EditionChanged release date. Date taken from the official page on JastUSA.
r39989.62015-09-18 at 15:57beliarShiny Days - Download EditionAccording to PP blog.
r39989.52015-09-18 at 11:39otakuman007Shiny Days - Download EditionHa ha ha. I knew it.
r39989.42015-08-25 at 03:22jack90Shiny Days - Download EditionLast minute delay. oh JAST...
r39989.32015-05-09 at 19:25dk382Shiny Days - Download Editionrelease date
r39989.22015-04-22 at 05:36beliarShiny Days - Download Editionnote, link
r39989.12015-04-21 at 13:27beliarShiny Days - Download EditionNew release based on r27674.5 of course there will be a dl edition