Edit history of East Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)

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r40149.92019-08-11 at 10:52trickzzterEast Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)Adobe AIR
r40149.82018-10-06 at 14:04beliarEast Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)res
r40149.72016-01-06 at 00:52[deleted]East Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)note
r40149.62016-01-05 at 18:13nojokerEast Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)Also available in French.
r40149.52015-08-04 at 01:22[deleted]East Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)Notes. (Release languages are already listed, so no notes about that are necessary.)
r40149.42015-06-18 at 03:58[deleted]East Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)partial
r40149.32015-04-28 at 07:55trickzzterEast Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)Corrected release date. Source: link
r40149.22015-04-27 at 20:19nojokerEast Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)Added Japanese.
r40149.12015-04-27 at 20:19nojokerEast Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)New release based on r22041.6