Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project

Narcissu: Himeko's Epilogue
Narcissu Side 2nd
TitleNarcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project
Type  Complete
Language  English
PublicationNon-free, commercial
Platform  Windows
MediumInternet download
VoicedFully voiced
AnimationStory: No animations
Age ratingAll ages
DevelopersSekai Project
PublisherSekai Project
LinksOfficial website

Includes "Narcissu 1st & 2nd" and the extra story "Himeko's Epilogue".

The version of "Narcissu 1st & 2nd" included has been ported to the Majiro engine, has no "unvoiced" version, and only includes Agilis' translation to be inline with the other stories included in the release.

Three additional stories, "Narcissu: A Little Iris", "Narcissu Zero", and "Narcissu Sumire", were released subsequently as DLC.