Edit history of Psycho-Pass Xinling Panguan : Wufa Jueze de Xingfu

r42078.92020-10-18 at 14:45fishmanPsycho-Pass Xinling Panguan : Wufa Jueze de XingfuSmall fixes after accidentaly checking off that it's a patch to another release removing some techical information. It HAS a patch (or rather, an
r42078.82020-10-18 at 12:48fishmanPsycho-Pass Xinling Panguan : Wufa Jueze de XingfuRaised the age rating to match Chinese, not Japanese, release. Included English as the text language just like other import titles in the database
r42078.72017-05-26 at 06:11varioPsycho-Pass Xinling Panguan : Wufa Jueze de Xingfu...
r42078.62016-04-14 at 13:25wyq928576Psycho-Pass Xinling Panguan : Wufa Jueze de Xingfutitle
r42078.52016-01-01 at 03:40vndbmemberPsycho-Pass Mandatory HappinessRelease
r42078.42016-01-01 at 03:38vndbmemberPsycho-Pass Mandatory HappinessRelease only has traditional Chinese. No ENG. I can see releasing ENG when other console versions are out though.
r42078.32015-12-29 at 08:39dk382Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happinesslanguage fix Also, is this really out? Please confirm its release and also that if it has an english subtitle option.
r42078.22015-12-15 at 02:36vndbmemberPsycho-Pass Mandatory HappinessRelease
r42078.12015-08-13 at 01:27cucumberianPsycho-Pass Mandatory HappinessAdded Chinese version (included alongside English version on Hong Kong release)