Edit history of Shiny Days Restore Patch

r42309.162017-05-20 at 16:42yorhelShiny Days Restore PatchTorrent sites are never a valid homepage, and I'm not fond of linking directly to downloads*. Those download links belong on the blog. *) This has
r42309.152017-05-20 at 16:33sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchAdded alternative torrent site.
r42309.142017-05-20 at 16:32sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchMagnet link reformat
r42309.132017-05-20 at 16:29sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchChanged Nyaa link to a Magnet link since site died.
r42309.122015-12-28 at 06:53sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchMinor edit to description.
r42309.112015-12-25 at 18:15sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchMinor edit
r42309.102015-12-25 at 18:07sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchMinor edit
r42309.92015-12-25 at 18:06sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchAdded link to installation guide.
r42309.82015-12-24 at 21:08sanahtligShiny Days Restore PatchModified title and description.
r42309.72015-12-24 at 12:24cryingwesternShiny Days - 100% Content Restore PatchAdding link.
r42309.62015-12-24 at 12:18cryingwesternShiny Days - 100% Content Restore PatchThis has yet to be released, they've just released only the fix patch for the game.
r42309.52015-12-24 at 11:41yumecreationsShiny Days - 100% Content Restore Patch...
r42309.42015-09-29 at 13:25otakuman007Shiny Days - 100% Content Restore PatchLOLWUT
r42309.32015-09-29 at 06:34sanahtligShiny Days - 100% Content Restore PatchA little birdie said this would be coming out soon (TM).
r42309.22015-09-27 at 03:22sanahtligShiny Days - 100% Content Restore PatchChanged release date to TBA.
r42309.12015-08-24 at 17:23sanahtligShiny Days - 100% Content Restore PatchPre-emptively added the Shiny Days content restore patch (unreleased) as a placeholder for linking purposes.