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r42724.112016-03-30 at 12:15anonymousMagical Eyes - Red is for Anguishunlocks on steam in approx 5 hours
r42724.102016-03-30 at 11:56ellurionMagical Eyes - Red is for AnguishMangagamer.com on sale date
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r42724.72016-02-29 at 19:21anonymousMagical Eyes - Red is for AnguishMG link has moved the date to the 31st of march
r42724.62016-02-29 at 08:58anonymousMagical Eyes - Red is for Anguishrelease date listed as "this winter"
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r42724.42015-12-10 at 05:45hunter2x2Magical Eyes - Red is for AnguishMangaGamer's preorder page has the release date on it.
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r42724.22015-09-10 at 18:58butsutekkaiMagical Eyes - Red is for AnguishChanged 2015 to TBA as release simply says "Winter".
r42724.12015-09-10 at 18:53butsutekkaiMagical Eyes - Red is for AnguishHopefully got this right. English release announced as per link