Edit history of Mahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-7

r43395.82019-10-04 at 14:33beliarMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-7Reverted to revision r43395.6 The date should correspond to the last released update. In this case that's chapter 7 and the date is 2017. The date of
r43395.72019-10-04 at 00:12vimianiMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-7Corrected the release date
r43395.62017-02-17 at 04:22avengerMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-7Chapter 7 is up
r43395.52016-10-18 at 22:09beliarMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-6date update
r43395.42016-10-18 at 20:46srdeagleMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-6a translation for chapter 6 came out
r43395.32015-10-15 at 04:59beliarMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-5Title redundancy, no orig title, freeware
r43395.22015-10-15 at 01:30aexisMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-5 Partial PatchMinor corrections
r43395.12015-10-15 at 01:30aexisMahoutsukai no Yoru Ch 1-5 Partial PatchNew patch