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r44032.82016-04-18 at 21:25[deleted]Sakura Santachange links out since its no longer available on MG also add Sekai as publisher
r44032.72015-12-21 at 05:09[deleted]Sakura Santaremove excess brackets (i hope)
r44032.62015-12-21 at 05:04[deleted]Sakura Santax.x fix
r44032.52015-12-21 at 05:02[deleted]Sakura Santaadd note for steam
r44032.42015-11-25 at 07:36venomg3Sakura Santamac and linux flags, and LOL put it on Japanese and didn't notice, thnx for fixing that yorhel
r44032.32015-11-25 at 06:56yorhelSakura SantaMG releasing Japanese games would be... interesting.
r44032.22015-11-25 at 06:14venomg3Sakura Santanot voiced
r44032.12015-11-25 at 05:51venomg3Sakura Santarelease both MG and steam will be all ages so need need for separate releases