Edit history of Blood Code

r44379.72019-08-21 at 07:42multiBlood CodeAutomatic conversion of website to Steam AppID.
r44379.62019-08-11 at 06:34trickzzterBlood CodeEngine, resolution
r44379.52016-11-19 at 17:09anonymousBlood Codedeveloper/publisher fix
r44379.42016-11-19 at 17:07anonymousBlood Codenew translation added r49081
r44379.32016-05-04 at 14:18wyq928576Blood Codedoujin
r44379.22015-12-29 at 15:57warfokiBlood Codeproducers based on steam
r44379.12015-12-29 at 15:15kukipandoraBlood Codeadded chinese/english release