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r45598.182019-09-01 at 17:22shadowzephyrMaitetsuupdate link
r45598.172019-08-21 at 07:42multiMaitetsuAutomatic extraction of Steam AppID from the notes.
r45598.162019-07-15 at 10:45multiMaitetsuAutomatic conversion of the "Engine" visual novel tag.
r45598.152019-02-02 at 10:42magicflierMaitetsuanimated
r45598.142018-06-13 at 06:37trickzzterMaitetsuSteam link, +Japanese
r45598.132018-06-12 at 07:26asakiMaitetsuChange the media because looks like Sekai is still not ready for physical release.
r45598.122018-06-12 at 07:25asakiMaitetsuAccording to this link from Steam. Keep in mind that it might be different between timezone.
r45598.112017-12-26 at 19:42tonyMaitetsuunlikely to release within the next 5 days
r45598.102017-04-10 at 13:50vol-k-e-rMaitetsu...
r45598.92017-02-12 at 13:09spetsnazczMaitetsuupdated progress
r45598.82017-01-08 at 23:04infernoplexMaitetsuUpdated progress (source 1 and source 2)
r45598.72016-12-09 at 20:13insanityyMaitetsuapparently releasing in 2017 + update progress
r45598.62016-11-27 at 23:04sonmatiMaitetsuUpdated the progress, source: link.
r45598.52016-10-31 at 02:15matangiMaitetsuupdated tl progress
r45598.42016-10-09 at 14:56sonmatiMaitetsuUpdated the progress.
r45598.32016-09-08 at 01:24sonmatiMaitetsuUpdated progress.
r45598.22016-03-26 at 02:45novellaMaitetsuAdded official site
r45598.12016-03-26 at 02:43Jazz957MaitetsuNew release based on r42038.6