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r46419.442022-01-20 at 17:02beliarRewrite+Reverted to revision r46419.42 Don't add the original developer to a translation, unless the developer has also worked on the said translation.
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r46419.422021-12-20 at 19:17NowItsAngeTimeRewrite+Sarah T (second half of Terra)
r46419.412021-12-18 at 11:42beliarRewrite+not that anyone would care about Twatter...
r46419.402021-12-18 at 06:24trickzzterRewrite+SiglusEngine
r46419.392021-12-17 at 17:18Mario3573Rewrite+New update clarifies it was just from original link
r46419.382021-12-16 at 22:05beliarRewrite+clarification, that it's clear the new CGs are actually old ones from the original
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r46419.362021-12-05 at 17:57serzhRewrite+Some orphographic edits.
r46419.352021-12-04 at 09:11Mario3573Rewrite+Remove status
r46419.342021-12-03 at 20:11beliarRewrite+Date, Harvest Fiesta will be released separately and later than Rewrite+ link
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r46419.322021-09-26 at 12:40c2kRewrite+format change
r46419.312021-09-26 at 05:22c2kRewrite+update, QA is not 100% finish. They said that "First round of QA is finished" and they have another round for that to complete the QA
r46419.302021-09-25 at 14:35hypergooseRewrite+QA finished link
r46419.292021-09-12 at 20:45NowItsAngeTimeRewrite+QA Lead: Maria Kamille Chavez QA: SSparks, Toma, Haerts, Nadia
r46419.282021-09-10 at 21:57NowItsAngeTimeRewrite+Conjueror misspelling
r46419.272021-09-08 at 05:56varioRewrite+The MC is the only one who isn't voiced (and even he has a VA in the true route)
r46419.262021-08-30 at 23:12c2kRewrite+update
r46419.252021-08-30 at 05:25NowItsAngeTimeRewrite+Added a few more people who have stated to work on Project
r46419.242021-08-27 at 22:19hypergooseRewrite+status update
r46419.232021-08-27 at 22:11NowItsAngeTimeRewrite+Image Editor: hubb2001
r46419.222021-08-27 at 22:01badspotRewrite+Added 2021.
r46419.212021-08-27 at 21:57badspotRewrite+Steam page added.
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r46419.172021-07-02 at 02:48NowItsAngeTimeRewrite+Added Meru specifically doing Moon route
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r46419.112021-03-30 at 16:12hypergooseRewrite+update: translation and editing font: link
r46419.102021-01-22 at 19:38beliarRewrite+Delay to Q2. Let's consider that the end of Q2 - June.
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r46419.32017-07-03 at 06:24beliarRewrite+link Apparently Sekai won't be using Ixrec's translation.
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