Edit history of Chronotopia - Beta

r47942.112023-01-25 at 16:15IlecaChronotopia - Betalatest KS update says "Chronotopia Beta is now available!"
r47942.102022-12-31 at 15:14NiniusChronotopia - Download Editionnot this year
r47942.92022-09-16 at 14:56rainiiChronotopia - Download Editionmaybe not this month
r47942.82022-07-26 at 04:27dasupremextreamChronotopia - Download EditionSteam release confirmed
r47942.72019-07-15 at 10:45multiChronotopia - Download EditionAutomatic conversion of the "Engine" visual novel tag.
r47942.62017-04-14 at 19:01heliaChronotopia - Download EditionNot going to make the estimate deadline [From the latest Kickstarter update]
r47942.52017-01-10 at 11:01nutellafanChronotopia - Download EditionRelease period is an estimate according to the Kickstarter page (link).
r47942.42016-09-30 at 06:34ac728Chronotopia - Download EditionEdit
r47942.32016-09-29 at 21:55ac728Chronotopia - Download EditionEdited title
r47942.22016-09-23 at 18:37heliaChronotopiaWill be available simultaneously in English and French
r47942.12016-09-13 at 12:36beliarChronotopiaupcomming game