Edit history of Shuffle! - Steam Edition

r48542.112019-08-21 at 07:42multiShuffle! - Steam EditionAutomatic extraction of Steam AppID from the notes.
r48542.102019-08-08 at 12:43trickzzterShuffle! - Steam EditionEngine
r48542.92016-11-22 at 20:30[deleted]Shuffle! - Steam Editionnote
r48542.82016-11-22 at 20:08thestuntcraftShuffle! - Steam EditionRelease date
r48542.72016-11-16 at 20:41baldr36Shuffle! - Steam EditionTemporarily pulled from Steam.
r48542.62016-11-16 at 18:12[deleted]Shuffle! - Steam EditionAdjust title its just called shuffle despite what release its based on. adjust note + add direct link to steam since official site doesn't seem to
r48542.52016-11-16 at 11:14trickzzterShuffle! on the stage - Steam Editionreleased link
r48542.42016-10-21 at 07:16hackrabbitsShuffle! on the stage - Steam Editionversion of release
r48542.32016-10-21 at 07:14hackrabbitsShuffle! - Steam Editioninfo
r48542.22016-10-21 at 04:00jazz957Shuffle! - Steam Editionfix
r48542.12016-10-21 at 02:52trickzzterShuffle! - Steam EditionComing to Steam this November