Edit history of Momoiro Guardian - Slip Case Edition

r4913.62021-06-19 at 20:52testerMomoiro Guardian - Slip Case EditionHighly likely it's on System4.X.
r4913.52019-09-13 at 09:23multiMomoiro Guardian - Slip Case EditionAutomatic import of EGS links based on title (prefix) and release date. See t12755.51
r4913.42015-11-23 at 02:13Jazz957Momoiro Guardian - Slip Case EditionProducer
r4913.32014-02-06 at 21:30abyssalerosMomoiro Guardian - Slip Case Editioni
r4913.22013-04-04 at 12:35abyssalerosMomoiro Guardian - Slip Case Edtion外箱付 'Soto Bako Tsuke' = with Slip Case or Slip Case Edition
r4913.12009-08-21 at 02:58echomateriaMomoiro Guardian - Package Edtionadded new release, getchu link