Edit history of Okasare Yuusha V

r49423.132018-04-14 at 16:27lolbobOkasare Yuusha Vnote
r49423.122017-12-13 at 14:09mistiksOkasare Yuusha VUpdated link. Rudens getting copyright notices apparently.
r49423.112017-12-07 at 18:59mistiksOkasare Yuusha VUpdated link as MEGA has takedown noticed Rudens's work.
r49423.102017-11-03 at 08:37mistiksOkasare Yuusha VLink Re-Uploaded and added Decensors
r49423.92017-11-03 at 07:52mistiksOkasare Yuusha VRe-uploaded link.
r49423.82017-01-22 at 14:37beliarOkasare Yuusha Voops
r49423.72017-01-22 at 14:37beliarOkasare Yuusha Vchanged date, clarified the note
r49423.62017-01-22 at 13:03mistiksOkasare Yuusha VEdited notes, final version was released.
r49423.52017-01-08 at 09:38beliarOkasare Yuusha VChanged date to that of the latest path. The title really doesn't need changed to that - it's enough to mention decensors in the note field.
r49423.42017-01-08 at 07:16mistiksOkasare Yuusha V English Translation and DecensorsChanged title and added descriptive note on which scenes aren't and won't be translated.
r49423.32016-12-10 at 15:21beliarOkasare Yuusha Vpublisher added
r49423.22016-12-10 at 11:02mistiksOkasare Yuusha V English+DecensorAdded Platform
r49423.12016-12-10 at 11:01mistiksOkasare Yuusha V English+DecensorAdded patch link.