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r49559.162020-02-22 at 21:24butterflygrrlFull Service - Download Editionadding itch link
r49559.152020-02-22 at 21:21butterflygrrlFull Service - Download Editionbumping release date based on steam page
r49559.142020-02-19 at 01:01mysteryp0rtalFull Service - Download Editionrelease date delayed
r49559.132020-01-26 at 09:22pkon987pkFull Service - Download Editionanimation
r49559.122020-01-26 at 09:18pkon987pkFull Service - Download Editionrelease date
r49559.112020-01-24 at 04:45trickzzterFull Service - Download EditionSteam AppID
r49559.102019-12-31 at 14:00butterflygrrlFull Service - Download Editiondecember kickstarter update - game going well but not ready yet
r49559.92019-07-15 at 10:45multiFull Service - Download EditionAutomatic conversion of the "Engine" visual novel tag.
r49559.82018-09-05 at 21:50bobopopFull Service - Download EditionWas promised on Kickstarter
r49559.72018-08-28 at 11:08bobopopFull Service - Download Editiontwitter said 2019
r49559.62018-08-16 at 20:39bobopopFull Service - Download EditionDelayed link
r49559.52018-04-27 at 21:58aquahorseFull Service - Download EditionAdd info.
r49559.42018-01-01 at 02:08lunaterraFull Service - Download Editionnot released
r49559.32017-03-24 at 09:52beliarFull Service - Download Editionplatforms
r49559.22017-03-24 at 09:46beliarFull Service - Download Editiondownload edition
r49559.12016-12-12 at 00:38707Full ServiceNew release based on r49557.2