Edit history of Student Transfer v7.0

r49670.182022-11-23 at 18:10beliarStudent Transfer v7.0upd
r49670.172021-07-05 at 19:10beliarStudent Transfer v6.0upd
r49670.162020-12-23 at 21:09beliarStudent Transfer v5.2upd
r49670.152020-11-10 at 15:54beliarStudent Transfer v5.0upd
r49670.142019-12-06 at 07:21rintohsakaStudent Transfer v4.6updated to v4.6
r49670.132019-09-02 at 19:42beliarStudent Transfer v4.5update
r49670.122019-08-12 at 05:14rintohsakaStudent Transfer v4.4removed unnecessary period from "Notes"
r49670.112019-08-12 at 05:13rintohsakaStudent Transfer v4.4added TFGames Site project page to the "Notes" section
r49670.102019-08-12 at 05:11rintohsakaStudent Transfer v4.4Changed official website to the project's own personal site
r49670.92019-08-05 at 16:03beliarStudent Transfer v4.4update
r49670.82019-05-12 at 16:46beliarStudent Transfer v4.3update
r49670.72019-03-18 at 16:11beliarStudent Transfer v4.2update
r49670.62018-02-28 at 11:52beliarStudent Transfer v3.1update
r49670.52018-02-01 at 18:13beliarStudent Transfer v3.0updated
r49670.42017-07-10 at 05:29beliarStudent Transfer v2.2Lookie at that! Update.
r49670.32017-01-10 at 18:20beliarStudent Transfer v2.1update
r49670.22017-01-01 at 19:55belgaeshStudent Transfer v2.0Update.
r49670.12016-12-19 at 21:24beliarStudent Transfer v1.4release