Edit history of Adolescent Santa Claus

r50277.82019-08-21 at 07:42multiAdolescent Santa ClausAutomatic conversion of website to Steam AppID.
r50277.72019-07-27 at 11:35trickzzterAdolescent Santa ClausAdobe AIR
r50277.62018-06-30 at 11:17trickzzterAdolescent Santa ClausFully voiced
r50277.52018-06-30 at 11:16trickzzterAdolescent Santa ClausRenamed and released
r50277.42018-06-14 at 11:08trickzzterAdolescent Santa Claus (Santaneun Gyobogeul Ibeul Su Bakke Eopseo)title fix
r50277.32018-06-14 at 11:07trickzzterAdolescent Santa Claus (Santaneun Gyobog-eul Ib-eul Su Bakk-e Eobs-eo)full title transliterated by google, steam link, release date
r50277.22017-05-11 at 05:26beliarAdolescent Santa Claususeless note, no orig title
r50277.12017-02-05 at 22:47tomyunAdolescent Santa ClausAdd information about PC release.