Edit history of Parental Love

r52129.212020-08-26 at 19:58beliarParental Loveforgot to mark as complete
r52129.202020-08-26 at 19:58beliarParental Lovefinished
r52129.192020-06-17 at 05:38multiParental Love v0.99Automatic extraction of resolution from the notes, part 1 (t12800.55).
r52129.182020-05-26 at 17:05beliarParental Love v0.99Almost complete release. Initially there was an early Russian language option, but it has been removed ages ago. The main menu has English
r52129.172020-03-23 at 17:40beliarParental Love v0.17update
r52129.162020-01-24 at 23:37beliarParental Love v0.16update
r52129.152019-08-31 at 21:18beliarParental Love v0.13update
r52129.142019-07-15 at 10:45multiParental Love v0.12Automatic conversion of the "Engine" visual novel tag.
r52129.132019-07-09 at 18:22beliarParental Love v0.12update
r52129.122019-03-17 at 17:17beliarParental Love v0.10update
r52129.112019-02-04 at 16:06beliarParental Love v0.9update
r52129.102019-01-07 at 20:51beliarParental Love v0.8updates
r52129.92018-09-27 at 17:21beliarParental Love v0.7.1update
r52129.82018-05-26 at 17:23beliarParental Love v0.6cen
r52129.72018-05-13 at 14:52beliarParental Love v0.6update
r52129.62018-02-24 at 22:09beliarParental Love v0.5update
r52129.52017-11-07 at 22:30beliarParental Love v0.4update
r52129.42017-09-14 at 17:38beliarParental Love v0.3.3ru added
r52129.32017-07-22 at 12:23beliarParental Love v0.2update
r52129.22017-06-13 at 07:30beliarParental Love v0.1language
r52129.12017-06-13 at 07:30beliarParental Love v0.1awesome resolution