Edit history of Senren * Banka

r52377.212020-07-10 at 10:27augustSenren * Bankaengine
r52377.202020-03-26 at 14:22shadowzephyrSenren * Bankanutaku
r52377.192020-02-18 at 03:06eacilSenren * Banka" * " > " * "
r52377.182020-02-14 at 13:17shadowzephyrSenren * Bankajastusa, mangagamer, denpasoft link
r52377.172020-01-31 at 07:03wildbreedSenren * BankaDate
r52377.162019-12-22 at 12:43ninigiSenren * Bankalink most likely next year
r52377.152019-12-22 at 12:38ninigiSenren * Bankalink
r52377.142019-10-14 at 00:45wildbreedSenren * BankaNew Release Date Announced
r52377.132019-10-13 at 21:19wildbreedSenren * BankaDelayed
r52377.122019-09-13 at 16:35alchemicalhazeSenren * BankaThe release is delayed until October.
r52377.112019-09-10 at 17:45gvbnSenren * Bankaanim
r52377.102019-06-17 at 17:02augustinoSenren * BankaRelease timeframe confirmed: link "we're confident we won't have any trouble making it."
r52377.92019-01-31 at 21:32demaarSenren * BankaAdded planned release
r52377.82018-12-26 at 01:06wildbreedSenren * BankaRem Dev
r52377.72018-12-21 at 12:29wildbreedSenren * BankaEdited Lang
r52377.62018-12-21 at 12:26wildbreedSenren * BankaAdded Dev
r52377.52018-12-21 at 10:13wildbreedSenren * BankaRemoved Publisher
r52377.42018-12-21 at 09:59skaimokuSenren * BankaAdd Chinese name in Original title (Hikari field will not provide chinese R-18 version,Only the r-18 patch.But I don't know how to modify it. Please
r52377.32018-12-21 at 09:18sakuhanachanSenren * Banka...
r52377.22018-12-21 at 09:18sakuhanachanSenren * Banka - 18+ Edition..
r52377.12017-07-03 at 05:29beliarSenren * Banka - 18+ EditionNew release based on r52360.1 link