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r53017.272019-09-09 at 20:58butterflygrrlSengoku Rancethe latest mangagamer tweet said it was pushed back to the 19th. link
r53017.262019-09-09 at 17:38risusSengoku RanceEdit info.
r53017.252019-09-04 at 14:22asakiSengoku RanceWell it's quite predictable that they'll gonna delay this. While to be honest I have some doubt on the release date, let's see if it'll be true or
r53017.242019-08-11 at 07:04sonictreySengoku RanceFilling out some more info, sourced from MangaGamer's site.
r53017.232019-08-10 at 10:26risusSengoku RanceEdit info.
r53017.222019-07-27 at 00:03goldelysiumSengoku RanceRelease date known
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r53017.172019-02-25 at 02:26inuyasha8888Sengoku Rancelink
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r53017.112018-04-21 at 23:33delusionparadoxSengoku RanceDate update.
r53017.102018-04-21 at 23:33delusionparadoxSengoku RanceProgress update.
r53017.92018-03-24 at 00:37gbrSengoku Ranceedit progress information
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r53017.22017-09-17 at 16:05takashireiSengoku Rancetranslation status
r53017.12017-08-12 at 01:58asakiSengoku RanceI'm so speechless in regard of this. Granted many people wanted this to be officially release, but to me I think it's just redundant move. Anyway