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r54196.122019-09-09 at 18:06beliarTimestamps, Unconditional LoveWas unsure if I should mark the game as Unity or VNGINE (which is a new engine built in Unity). However, considering we mark games Ren'Py instead of
r54196.112019-09-09 at 17:57beliarTimestamps, Unconditional LoveUnconditional Love completed. Part 2 in production.
r54196.102018-11-26 at 17:15beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.5update
r54196.92018-07-18 at 05:12usagiTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.4.2edit
r54196.82018-07-16 at 20:33beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.4.2date, resolution change
r54196.72018-07-16 at 18:20cockblockulaTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.4.2update + corrected res
r54196.62018-06-25 at 16:19beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.4.1update
r54196.52018-02-22 at 14:19beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.0.33update
r54196.42017-12-26 at 20:21beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.027update
r54196.32017-11-12 at 14:01beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love v0.02oops
r54196.22017-11-12 at 14:01beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love -v0.02update
r54196.12017-10-23 at 11:36beliarTimestamps, Unconditional Love - Demorelease