Chaos;Child Improvement patch (Steam & DMM)

TitleChaos;Child Improvement patch (Steam & DMM)
Type  Complete, patch
Language  English
Platform  Windows
MediumInternet download
PublisherCommittee of Zero
LinksOfficial website

Steam patch: link
The Steam patch is incompatible with the DMM release and vice versa. The DMM patch currently lacks the v1.1 improvements from the Steam patch, but it will be updated in the future. Furthermore, an installer that includes both patches is planned.


DMM patch description:

This patch inserts the official English translation of CHAOS;CHILD into the Japanese PC version while addressing various shortcomings and making a number of improvements to both the translation and the base game.

-Script fixes (over 1600 lines fixed from typos to mistranslations)
-Consistency fixes (replaces all inconsistent terminology with the translations used in previous titles and swap the name order to Japanese) [optional]
-Typography improvements (font and line breaks)
-Subtitles 1 (adds text to various voice-only lines and cutscenes, including several important lines which previously had no translation)
-Subtitles 2 (karaoke subs added to openings and endings) [optional]
-Translated CGs (translates, fixes machine translation and re-edits CGs using superior windows assets)
-High quality FMV audio (replaces low-quality tracks with higher-quality versions)
-UI improvements (much of the system/menu text has been re-translated for comprehensibility. Backlog highlights have been adjusted to suit multi-line text)
-Stability (bugfixes)