Edit history of KARAKARA2 - 18+ Patch

r54457.62019-08-21 at 07:42multiKARAKARA2 - 18+ PatchAutomatic conversion of affiliate link to Denpasoft link.
r54457.52019-08-21 at 07:42multiKARAKARA2 - 18+ PatchAutomatic extraction of Steam AppID from the notes.
r54457.42018-10-07 at 22:39lunaterraKARAKARA2 - 18+ Patchnote
r54457.32017-11-11 at 02:58trickzzterKARAKARA2 - 18+ Patchtitle correction link
r54457.22017-11-11 at 01:28thewayfarerKarakara 2 - 18+ PatchOkay, for some reason, my computer can't click on the resolution drop down list. Refreshing and even CTRL + F5 doesn't even help it too. Anyways
r54457.12017-11-11 at 01:25thewayfarerKarakara 2 - 18+ Patch18+ patch