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r55153.92019-08-21 at 07:42multiNeighborAutomatic extraction of Steam AppID from the notes.
r55153.82018-12-13 at 23:13beliarNeighborformat
r55153.72018-09-29 at 01:28trickzzterNeighborIt's not even September 28th in USA. Release date from Steam: September 29, 2018 link
r55153.62018-09-29 at 00:33gregoryNeighborSteam says avaliable in 1 day 5 hours
r55153.52018-09-25 at 15:52beliarNeighbordate finalized
r55153.42018-09-15 at 13:36trickzzterNeighborInfo from Steam link
r55153.32018-08-21 at 03:13novellaRinjin -Neighbor-Steam ver. planned for a late September release: link
r55153.22018-03-04 at 10:47beliarRinjin -Neighbor-tentative date from KS
r55153.12018-01-09 at 01:50novellaRinjin -Neighbor-New release info