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Magical Marriage Lunatics!! - Name Restoration Patch

RelationMagical Marriage Lunatics!!
TitleMagical Marriage Lunatics!! - Name Restoration Patch
Type Complete, patch, unofficial
Language English
Platform Windows
MediumInternet download
LinksOfficial website
Original name restoration patch for Mangagamer's release of Magical Marriage Lunatics

How to:
Move the extracted folders to the game's folder, overwriting all the existing files.

Change list:
Yuta -> Yuuta
Yu~ta -> Yuuta
Yu-kun/chan -> Yuu-kun/chan
Yuna -> Yuuna
Luci -> Luce
Oishi -> Ooishi

Made by:
Image editing done by several Anonymous on /vn/
Custom rld tools used were made by Marcussacana and binaryfail