Edit history of Maitetsu - 18+ Restoration Patch

r57710.62018-08-15 at 17:55anonymousMaitetsu - 18+ Restoration Patchclarification
r57710.52018-08-14 at 06:43anonymousMaitetsu - 18+ Restoration Patchlink The patch is compatible with the updated 18+ version that fixes the missing stuff.
r57710.42018-07-10 at 07:09anonymousMaitetsu - 18+ Restoration Patchminor stuff
r57710.32018-07-10 at 06:59anonymousMaitetsu - 18+ Restoration PatchNew version.
r57710.22018-07-07 at 23:47anonymousMaitetsu - 18+ Restoration PatchHe moved to Fuwanovel. Also new version.
r57710.12018-07-05 at 18:50anonymousMaitetsu - 18+ Fix Patchlink It totally would have taken months to fix. Yeah.