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r58560.172019-06-19 at 10:50warfokiThe Expression AmrilatoEsperanto
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r58560.142019-05-16 at 04:46asakiThe Expression AmrilatoMangagamer's tweet link for the proof. I wonder though why we have two GL VNs release at June 13th later.
r58560.132019-04-17 at 20:40soliumThe Expression AmrilatoAdded new info.
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r58560.32018-09-01 at 12:57bobopopThe Expression AmrilatoTwitter status report
r58560.22018-08-11 at 01:31lunaterraThe Expression Amrilatowebsite, media
r58560.12018-08-11 at 01:04radzioThe Expression Amrilatonew release