Edit history of Alice 2010

r5860.152021-06-19 at 21:11testerAlice 2010I did some analysis... And, if I am not mistaken, all the disc games are actually on System 4.X.
r5860.142019-09-13 at 09:23multiAlice 2010Automatic import of EGS links based on title (prefix) and release date. See t12755.51
r5860.132019-07-17 at 07:02lucumoAlice 20102 --> II for clarification, as the original game is called "Rance II".
r5860.122016-09-08 at 20:21ShinnewAlice 2010See the previous edit. Reverted to revision r5860.10
r5860.112016-09-08 at 19:54IlecaAlice 2010rance II unlinked like it contains only the remake
r5860.102016-02-13 at 10:51ShinnewAlice 2010Alice 2010 contains 2 versions of Rance 2: Rance 02 and Rance 02 Kai. Rance 02 only has updated graphics while Rance 02 Kai has updated graphics and
r5860.92016-02-13 at 10:08dk382Alice 2010Removed Rance II since it only contains Rance 02... I think?
r5860.82016-02-11 at 23:20varioAlice 2010+1 vn
r5860.72012-10-12 at 16:32encrypted12345Alice 2010Fixing name
r5860.62010-12-28 at 10:40YorhelAlice 2010relative links
r5860.52009-12-26 at 15:55enzeroxAlice 2010developer
r5860.42009-12-26 at 14:55enzeroxAlice 2010notes
r5860.32009-12-26 at 14:49enzeroxAlice 2010added games
r5860.22009-12-26 at 11:10enzeroxAlice 2010added game
r5860.12009-12-03 at 14:05eyelessAlice 2010added release. getchu link