Edit history of Hello Lady! - Complete Edition

r59177.192022-01-01 at 11:20melticeHello Lady! - Complete EditionAdd release date.
r59177.182021-12-22 at 05:02trickzzterHello Lady! - Complete EditionAnother publisher of the release
r59177.172021-12-22 at 05:00trickzzterHello Lady! - Complete EditionRemoving developer from localization
r59177.162021-12-21 at 16:15wildbreedHello Lady! - Complete EditionAdded Name Change to reflect steam release and added relations in the notes
r59177.152021-12-21 at 14:26robbibiHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-updated resolution to 1080p and added steam link. Also updated languages as shown on steam's "subtitle" languages. link
r59177.142021-12-12 at 04:48c2kHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-adding release date and removing TL progress status
r59177.132021-10-27 at 16:23poyayaaan69Hello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-update
r59177.122021-10-17 at 03:46c2kHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-update
r59177.112021-09-26 at 12:46c2kHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-change format
r59177.102021-05-17 at 20:34AresiaHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-Update.
r59177.92020-10-31 at 05:14NinigiHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-do not remove useful note
r59177.82020-10-31 at 01:36c2kHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-update
r59177.72020-10-27 at 02:05NinigiHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-link
r59177.62020-03-20 at 00:06wildbreedHello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-new announcement .. removed All Ages from title since the Age rating already states its All Ages
r59177.52019-11-24 at 10:12augustinoHello Lady! All-ages editionDelayed, Senren Banka is given priority for a December 2019 release - link
r59177.42019-07-15 at 10:45multiHello Lady! All-ages editionAutomatic conversion of the "Engine" visual novel tag.
r59177.32018-08-30 at 14:22anonymousHello Lady! All-ages editionbetter wording
r59177.22018-08-30 at 14:19anonymousHello Lady! All-ages editionStuff mentioned on their discord. Making a separate entry for 18+ patch.
r59177.12018-08-30 at 08:33zander1995Hello Lady!New release announced